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Entertainment in San Antonio

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Entertainment in San Antonio


Looking San Antonio entertainment? Or maybe you are looking  for belly dancing lessons? My classes are fun, friendly, and held in a care free ambiance. I understand everyone has different reasons for belly dancing such as fitness, the pure joy of dancing, or finding a new hobby, so I offer different classes to fit your needs. In my classes students are not pressured into performing or wearing a costume, much less show your belly. All you need is a fitted shirt and some yoga pants and you are ready to dance!

Another fun class I offer is Diva’s Night Out. This class was initially only offered as a private class. By popular demand Diva’s Night Out is now held publicly once a month. What is Diva’s Night Out?  This is an adults only class held at a late evening for a fun girls night out. Ladies enjoy  beverages, hookah, light snacks, of course belly dancing. Share some laughs with your friends or with new ones during this up-beat class. This is an easy going short cut to American Belly dance, because of it’s popularity spots are limited so reservations are required. To reserve your spot for the next class simply click on the link above and purchase your Diva Pass.

In addition to belly dancing classes I provide performances for just about any event. Forget about what you have seen in the movies, all my shows are elegant and fitted for the entire family. So you don’t have  to worry about little Susie and Grandpa Joe, I can assure you they will enjoy the performance. With every show, I take the time to particularly cater to your special occasion.  I accept music suggestions, use advanced props, in some instances even my costume will match your decor…. most importantly my personal charm tops off every dance.

America Tru WINS “Best of San Antonio Bellydance Company 2013 & 2014″ and has been featured on the following shows: 

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entertainment in San Antonio

San Antonio Entertainment

Entertainment in San Antonio

Entertainment in San Antonio

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Bellydance by America Tru has many options for your entertainment, take a look around and give me a call if you have any questions.