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11 Budget Travel Tips By Belly Dance San Antonio America Tru

11 Travel Budget Tips

Belly Dance San Antonio America Tru


It’s not just for vacationing or for the rich and famous. Traveling is now easier than it ever has been, with everything that is available to us from uber to cheap homestays, there is no reason why we shouldn’t treat ourselves to a weekend away or to belly dance workshops in another country.

I travel every month if not every other month, and people always ask me how do I do it? I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject but I will share with you a few tricks that have saved me hundreds of dollars.

For this blog I will concentrate on lodging as this can easily be one of the biggest expenses when traveling.

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1. This is the King of all rules. Make a new email for all your traveling needs. This is going to keep everything nice and organized. You will be using this email a lot and its best to keep travel and personal email separate.

2. Make accounts with travel agencies online. Expedia,, AirBNB, etc. Some of these give you discounts when you book exclusively through them or when you refer people. I use so much that I am currently on their gold status, which lands me some pretty sweet discounts that are not available to everyone.

3. Play travel agent for your friends and family. These agencies give you rewards for booking through them, so use your account to help a friend book a hotel, a flight etc. This doesn’t mean you have to pay with your own credit card, this simply means you book it through your membership account and you earn the rewards.

4. Use the filter! If there is a filter to book your lodging, use the filter. For example my filters are… Free breakfast, Free wifi, Free parking (if I am driving).  You are not likely to get all three but if you get one or two of these then you just saved yourself a bunch of money.

5. Are you on a very tight budget? Get a hostel or share a homestay. These places range from 10USD a night and some are even cheaper at times but I think ten and up is a good place to start.

6. Don’t want to share a room with other travelers? Some homestays or hostels have private rooms. These are a bit more expensive but still less than a hotel. They range from 15USD and up. While in Bali, I stayed in a private bungalow for 15USD. It didn’t have any AC but it had free wifi, free breakfast, a bed, a private shower and toilet. Its simple but it goes a long way.

7. If you just must have an AC you can book a pricier home stay, private room, villa, inn,or bungalow. These can be about $30 and up but be sure to read the description. If it doesn’t say AC odds are it doesn’t have ac.

8. Another good thing to look for when booking a room is a free shuttle service. Some hotels offer it some don’t so make sure you read the description. Check out WHERE the shuttle takes you? Do they have shuttle to the airport? Is it free? Can they pick you up from the airport? Does the shuttle take you to city center or popular spots you plan on visiting? This saves you mula! Look for the free shuttle it is worth it.

9. Free bottled water! Yes as silly as it sounds this is also an expense. Look to see if they offer free bottled water. You don’t want to end up paying 9 bucks a bottle. If they don’t have free water, make a stop to buy a small pack of water it will go a long way.

10. Traveling with a pet? Some hotels allow pets but they require a non refundable deposit each night. So again read the description and if unsure, call the hotel personally. I often visit Austin and will only stay at a certain hotel because the hotel does not require a deposit.

11. Location is the key. Find out what you want to see, where you want to go, what do you want to do, and what do you want to eat. When you find out, go look for the hotel center of all your activites. This saves you lots of money on transportation.


I hope these travel tips help you in your future excursions. For more information on my belly dancing or hiring me for a workshop in your city check out my workshop link here.