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America Tru’s Travel Hacks | From Booking To Airline Hacks

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Welcome to my travel blog. My name is America Tru I am a professional belly dancer in San Antonio and I am TRUly curious to explore the world. This lands me in the most crazy of the craziest situations time and time again. I am a solo traveler who hunts experiences. My extensive travels have helped me grow as a human and a dancer so with you I share my travel tips, stories and life hacks.


As you all may know, I love traveling and wandering this earth and the many, many airports in it…. Along the years of traveling I have accumulated hundreds of travel hacks to make the travel process as easy as possible. I avoid lines, I book safely, I even get some cash back by booking my tickets. So today I will share with you 11 of my favorite hacks that anyone can do.

Let’s start from the beginning, you want to travel and you are ready to start looking for flights but before you do the most important hack is..

Travel Hack 1: When searching for your flight it is best to do so by surfing incognito. What is this? This is surfing the web on private browser, by doing so you avoid your cache being shared and you can find the lowest fares every time. How do you do that? For Mac Users: Click file and select new private window. TA-DA! Easy peasy. (Pc users will have to google it as I don’t own a pc of my own)

Before you start surfing keep in mind..

Travel Hack 2: Airports are usually busiest in the early morning and the late evening and of course Fri – Mon so if you wish to avoid long lines and you have the freedom to leave on any dates, try booking mid week during lunch time or late afternoon.

Now you have an idea of dates and times you want to book but before you surf, download..

Travel Hack 4: EBates! Book everything you can through Ebates! If you don’t know about Ebates its about time you do, this puppy gives you cash back and yes you can use it in combination with travelocity and other popular budget friendly sites. Use my referral link (button) below to sign up and get special discounts.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Now that you have discovered Ebates.. its time to think about your…

Travel Hack 5: Layover time! Allow yourself enough time on layovers, this is extremely and especially important on international flights and big airports. The lines at customs and or immigrations can get pretty long and you want to allow enough time in between (My suggestion is 2-3hrs) to get through it all! When I traveled through Asia, I had to go to the ticket counter at the entrance of the airport and do the entire checkin in process to get a boarding pass to my connecting flight and then go through the entire fiasco of security and immigrations. This was due to some weird budget airline who didn’t have a ticket booth anywhere but there… Luckily I had two hours which was barely enough time to get me to my gate to go through security for a second time.

If you can’t find a fairly good layover, you can also..

belly dancing-san antonioTravel Hack 6: Do the best possible to get the closest seat to the front of the aircraft, upon arrival everyone bursts out of their seat to get their luggage only to immediately become a sloth while vacating the aircraft. Booking a close seat to the front will easily give you a 10 -20 minute jump start to your next gate.

So you have your tickets booked now its time to ..

Travel Hack 7: Screen Shot all the important stuff. (Do this off the cloud.) Screen shot your hotel reservations, your passport, your airline and other important documents that may come in handy. This is especially helpful when you are flying internationally and you have to fill out the immigrations form. You won’t have to reach in your purse to find your passport number, your destination address etc..

The next step can save you lots of time and get you great seats!

Travel Hack 8: Download the airline app. You have invested your money on this ticket and this app can come in handy! Get very familiar with this app, go through all the tabs when you have some down time before your trip, one important thing, I want you to locate where the contact number for the airline is, spend a good 5 – 10 minutes on this app, you can thank me later. This app will keep you up to date on gate changes, delays, departures, arrivals,seats, airport maps, boarding passes and some even have a currency converter .. etc.

Now that you are familiar with the app and your vacation is a day away lets use it…

Travel Hack 9: Online check in. Do it. It is useful for many reasons, especially if you don’t have an assigned seat yet. Airlines sometimes overbook flights so its great to check in online as soon as you can, this also will give you any specials the airline may have (if any) to bump your booty to first class. Although the airlines have a stand by for its members they rather sell a ticket for a few dollars rather than give it away, I have found cheap upgrades on long tiring flights for as low as $49, free booze, food, blanket and a comfy seat, YES PLEASE!

Could you be causing the long lines at security?

Travel Hack 10: Sometimes the long security lines are caused by you! Speed up the line for everyone especially if you are traveling in a group. Remember to wear easy to slip on and off shoes and keep your electronics within easy access. Keep your boarding pass and form of ID in hand for TSA. Once you accomplished that, security should be a breeze, slip off your shoes, take out your laptop and get ready to zoom through security.

Last but not least delays and cancelations. Don’t get mad, get smart!

Travel Hack 11: I have had delays that end up canceled for a day or two and left me in several unexpected countries. The last thing that is going to help you is getting upset and screaming at airline employees. With julietta online casino hundreds of other people in your same situation, you have to think smart. If your plane is delayed or canceled and you are trapped at the airport, the immediate thing to do is open your app and use that contact button to call the airline. I do this all the time. One time I knew I was missing my connection due to delays and I called the airline as soon as the aircraft landed. So while everyone was trying to rush off the plane to get in line at the airline counter for a new ticket, I am already the first in line on the phone. Another good thing about calling is you can ask for someone in a higher position. The higher you go,the more likely you will get what you want. Keep your calm, keep your cool, explain your situation and more than likely they will empathize with you, if all fails.. think of it as extra time.. go explore and enjoy yourself.

Well guys I had a blast writing this travel hack blog with you. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and I hope that some of these tips are able to help you in your future travels. Thanks for reading and remember to keep me in mind for bellydance classes, smart travel workshops and heck the holidays are around the corner hire me for your next event!