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I have enrolled into many online classes, I have also given online classes and still continue to take online classes from my favorite instructors and I love it! In addition to this I purchase dvd’s, go to workshops and intensives to continue my bellydance growth. The problem with buying dvd’s is that they almost always end up in a chest with the rest of them.

I gotta be honest with you, I have a hill worth of dvd’s .. it’s a good intention pile and I used to call it “When I have time” now I call it.. …“The Never Happening Lump” I have occasionally thrown one in there but I can’t seem to operate a remote. Speaking of things I can’t understand, here is a good phenomenon how is it that my dvd, yes the one I was INTENTIONALLY going to watch got a deeper wound than someone in a gang fight? Are my dvd’s having a war that I don’t know about? Dvd’s go missing for days, months and sadly others have gone missing permanently. Oh and lets not talk about the ones you “Loan” out.

The solution

I stream just about everything! I am big on hulu and netflix. This caused the extinction of waiting in line at blockbuster. The accessibility of streaming right from your computer is just plain genius. If I want to watch something on a bigger screen (aka tv) I can. It’s just a no brainer.

So when Hollywood Music Center & Cheeky Girls Productions launched their online dvd streaming collection I squealed !!!! I rushed online and signed up for the platinum package. Signing up was quick and easy. I have to tell you my honest opinion on their site and if its overall worth it.

So here it is…..

As I logged into my account the rhinestone gates of bellydance heaven opened. Every dvd I ever wished for or I had lost was there, ready to stream at my command. This is literally paradise for any bellydancer. You are the law in this promise land, stream at your convenience and feel the luxury of leaping from one dvd to another. So yes, I firmly place confidence that it is worth your time and money to transport into this eternal harmony. So go get your streaming on! – America Tru