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Belly dancing San Antonio
Come learn belly dancing in San Antonio!

One of the most frequently asked questions after a show is… Do you teach belly dancing classes in San Antonio? The answer is yes, absolutely!!!!!Belly dancing San Antonio

Almost any instructor will tell you that you will learn more from a private class than from a public class. My personal experience from both taking public classes and giving public classes has only confirmed this statement. This is why I choose to only do private classes.

Private classes are perfect for:

Those with a busy schedule, because with private classes YOU get to set the time.

The shy girl. Don’t worry it’s just you and I and you can ask away without everyone turning to look at you.

The more serious dancer. One on one classes are perfect for the dancer who wants to learn to execute the movements correctly.

Choreographies, learn to build your own choreography or lets work together on one together! Choreographies are fun & let you show off your new talents.

I also offer semi private classes and private group classes.

Semi private classes are available, bring your bff and split the class cost.

Private Group Classes. Private group classes are for bigger groups who want to do a fun day orBelly dancing San Antonio night of belly dancing.
Having a bachelorette party, a birthday party or a special celebration. Hire me for a private group class!

Another option is Diva’s Night Out. This is a public class held on the last Friday or every month if my schedule allows it, due to traveling. If one is not right around the corner you can always give me a call and I can make it happen.

Remember that these classes are catered to your needs, I have a in home studio that I teach all my classes at, but I also am available to travel to you with a small travel fee to cover gas and milage. I hope this answers many of your questions about belly dancing in San Antonio. I am always here to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to inquire about anything else I maybe have not mentioned.

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