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A months long investigation into the girl’s

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Belly Dancing San Antonio Classes

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Belly dancing San Antonio
Come learn belly dancing in San Antonio!

One of the most frequently asked questions after a show is… Do you teach belly dancing classes in San Antonio? The answer is yes, absolutely!!!!!Belly dancing San Antonio

Almost any instructor will tell you that you will learn more from a private class than from a public class. My personal experience from both taking public classes and giving public classes has only confirmed this statement. This is why I choose to only do private classes.

Private classes are perfect for:

Those with a busy schedule, because with private classes YOU get to set the time.

The shy girl. Don’t worry it’s just you and I and you can ask away without everyone turning to look at you.

The more serious dancer. One on one classes are perfect for the dancer who wants to learn to execute the movements correctly.

Choreographies, learn to build your own choreography or lets work together on one together! Choreographies are fun & let you show off your new talents.

I also offer semi private classes and private group classes.

Semi private classes are available, bring your bff and split the class cost.

Private Group Classes. Private group classes are for bigger groups who want to do a fun day orBelly dancing San Antonio night of belly dancing.
Having a bachelorette party, a birthday party or a special celebration. Hire me for a private group class!

Another option is Diva’s Night Out. This is a public class held on the last Friday or every month if my schedule allows it, due to traveling. If one is not right around the corner you can always give me a call and I can make it happen.

Remember that these classes are catered to your needs, I have a in home studio that I teach all my classes at, but I also am available to travel to you with a small travel fee to cover gas and milage. I hope this answers many of your questions about belly dancing in San Antonio. I am always here to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to inquire about anything else I maybe have not mentioned.

Click this contact link to set up your class today!

Liar, Liar, Face On Fire.

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The crowd goes wild!!! And not because of the amateur “Fire Dancer” who was flopping her fans around but because her partner in crime…. the fire breather caught her face on fire. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is youtube fire breather fail. Rookies, wanna be’s and drunks who are just playing with fire, endangering themselves and others.

Accidents do happen, but even more so now a days when everyone becomes a fire dancer over the weekend. Yup, unfortunately with the belly dance industry being so cut throat, girls are beginning to light up a torch just to land a gig.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, before I started belly dancing I was intrigued by fire dancing. I remember the first time I saw fire dancers, I was fascinated and I wanted to educate myself on the history behind fire dancing, and so my research began…. it was only after I learned about it’s history that I made the decision to learn this art. I began by taking fire safety training and learning about all the do’s and dont’s in the fire world. While learning this form of art I began with practice gear, these are props that do not require any fire. To make this long story short it took me years before I actually began advertising and performing in public. I didn’t become a fire dancer over the weekend and neither should ANYONE!

While there is nothing wrong with a beginner belly dancer dancing at haflas or shows to show off their new talent, there is a difference with a beginner fire dancer performing for crowds. The difference is pretty simple….

Fire dancing San AntonioFire dancing is dangerous, not only for the dancer but to the spectators and venues as well.

In addition don’t be fooled with the “Insured fire dancer” you and your neighbor can be insured fire dancers by tomorrow if you wanted to. Although insurance is highly recommended it does not make the dancer any more experienced. Insurance can be bought with no questions asked and no credentials needed.

For this reason it is so important to do your research when hiring a “Fire dancer” ask for references, look at the reviews,check out their videos - click here to view mine. Make sure you ask how long they have been dancing. All of this is important because this isn’t just any dance, this is FIRE we are talking about and sadly anyone can order a prop, light it up and wave it around giving the real dedicated fire dancers a bad rep and even causing venues to ban fire dancing.

I get many emails from curious dancers looking into fire dancing and not one has ever asked me, “Where does fire dancing come from?” “What are the safety procedures” I usually get the… Where do I buy a prop and what kind of gasoline do I use .. regular or unleaded? SMH

Bottom line, if you are reading this blog because you are interested in including some fire props with your belly dancing. I urge you to ask yourself; What are your real reasons behind this? Do you have a genuine interest in this art form? Or do you just want to land more gigs? Remember that belly dancing and fire dancing are two separate types of dances. I always disclose this to my clients and try to separate the two as much as possible.

I hope you found this blog helpful whether you are reading because you are interested in fire dancing or looking to hire a fire dancer, I encourage you to do as much research as possible.

Belly Dance San Antonio Explains Costume Rotation

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Belly dance San Antonio On Costume Rotation

Belly dance San antonio . My name is America Tru, I am a belly dancer in San Antonio, Tx and I am addicted to costumes. That is the very first step to admitting you have a problem. hehe

A friend of mine recently asked, “America, what is it with all the costume purchasing and selling lately?”

Although I tried to make a pretty simple post answering this question, I think it needs a bit more of elaboration. Costume purchasing can become rather expensive if purchasing brand new. To make this easy on our wallets, we trade, make payments and rotate our costumes. Each costume has it’s purpose and yes costume addiction is real. Am I really an addict? No I am not addicted to purchasing costumes.

Costumes are an investment..…

A Professional working belly dancer ideally has at least one costume in each color. White, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green and of course Gold and Silver. It is important to have one of each color because you must accommodate your customers. Many of us have colors we do not like at all, example mine is purple, I could careless if purple was executed from the color list and never allowed to be worn again, however yellow and blue being my favorites, I can’t live without. Lately what you have seen on my facebook is called “Closet Rotation”. Closet rotation is commonly done after you have used a costume a few times or the costume just didn’t work out for you for whatever reason. Costumes are properly priced according to their wear and tear and or traded with another dancer for an evenly priced costume, partial trades are also common. How often does this happen? Well this is different for everybody.

ProfessionBelly dance San Antonioal international dancers have to continuously use new costumes on stage. So they use their costumes once or maybe 3 or 4 times before they have to sell them and custom order new ones.

Professional dancers and entertainers in town such as myself who mainly dance at private events such as birthday parties, weddings and corporate events can use their costumes more than a handful of times before deciding it’s time to switch it up. Consider it like a dress, you can’t wear the same thing over and over again.

Beginners and Rising Stars have a variety of tops,coin belts and skirts that can be combined for different looks. These are normally not as often rotated because they are less costly and used to gain experience by performing at recitals for family and friends.

So the craziness you see on my page on the costume selling and trading is something that has to be done to continue providing excellent entertainment in beautiful shiny costumes. I hope this blog has better explained the costume madness on my page right now. Thank you for reading and happy shimmies.

The Unwanted Compliment Sandwich

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The Unwanted Compliment Sandwich!

San Antonio Entertainment

“America you are SOOO beautiful, You look so pretty in that costume, however if I may just add, your performance sucked… But you are so pretty, I am sure no one noticed and that costume is Ahhh-MA-Zzzzzzing!”

That is what I call a “Unwanted Compliment Sandwich.” A unwanted compliment sandwich is a nice way of giving someone your unrequested personal opinion of your performance. This can be easily taken an insult. WHY? It’s simple, because is is UNWANTED. Yes this absolutely has happened to me and to many dancers in different levels of dance.

I see this often on youtube. Especially on beginners who post their videos. Basically tearing the dancer apart with comments. These comments make me cringe. I know many mean well by it but have you considered how brave you have to be to get on stage in front of everyone and dance, and ever braver to post the video of your performance you worked so hard on, on you tube. Only to be eaten alive!San Antonio Entertainment

I have even witnessed dancers share these videos to purposely MAKE fun of the dancer! These dancers should be ashamed. I don’t care how much experience you have there is a way to critique someone, and the way to do so in my opinion is:

A: If you were personally asked for your professional critique. 
B: You are a judge at a competition or being sent a video to specifically critique.
C: If you are an instructor of this individual.

Receiving critiques is a great way to self growth in your dance and many dancers like myself pay for a mentorship program where a real professional & international dancer critiques you. This instructor helps you achieve your next level in dancing.

Another way many dancers get critique is getting the feed back from competitions. Some dancers I know actually only join competitions to receive critique from the judges they admire.

Yes there are some exceptions to the rule, there are some dancers I wish to study under and when they offer to give me their polite and personal critique I happily accept it. Other times when dancers offer a critique its hard to say no even when you don’t really want to hear it. So this can be a delicate situation.

So to keep this blog short and very simple. Please be considerate of others when giving your opinion, remember that the dancer may be on a different level than you, the dancer may also be doing her best at that moment, maybe the dancer already has an instructor or just doesn’t want your opinion.

So I hope this blog helps you be considerate of others & if you have experienced the unwanted compliment sandwich.. remember to continue dancing for you, and always give it your very best.
Happy Shimmies!


About the Blogger:

America Tru provides San Antonio Entertainment for birthday parties, weddings and other special celebrations. She is a blogger, a bellydancer and a fire dancer. For more information on hiring America click here or suggesting blog topics please contact her by clicking this link !

Dear Gabriela,

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From Belly Dancing San Antonio Blogger & Friends

I want to talk to you a little bit about a woman who is beautiful inside and out… she is sweet, talented, humble, kind and giving. Her name is Gabriela Reyes Mailloux. Gabriela is a mother, a wife, a friend, a belly dancer, an instructor and a sponsor for belly dance events. Every time I see Gabriela she has a genuine smile that makes me feel at home. Gabby has a soothing aura, she may not know this but she makes me feel special and welcomed every time I see her or attend her events. No matter how busy she is she always gives me a hug and says hello. This woman has a very special place in my heart. This past weekend while I was in Houston attending her Sadie workshops I was thinking about the wonderful Gabriela and all she does for our community.

It dawned on me that she needed to know how we all feel about her, so while the effortlessly beautiful Gabriela was in class welcoming and hugging other students I decided to go behind her back to collect as many thoughts as I could from other dancers to make a tribute blog just for her.

1 Belly dancing San Antonio

Dear Gabriela,

“You have contributed immensely to the Houston belly dance community. By teaching classes, presenting shows and hosting world class dance workshops, you have enriched the knowledge and enhanced the experience for us Houston dancers. THANK YOU!” - Zara

“Thank you so much for bringing an awesome instructor into HTOWN!” - <3

“Gabriela, Thank you so much for bringing so much talent to Houston! You are enriching the belly dance ALL over TX!” – AlectriaBelly dancing San Antonio

“Out of all the dance workshopweekends I have attended, I have to say I was very impressed by Gabriela’s recent event and it was one of my favorites. The workshop areas were spacious, the gala show location was lovely and had a great stage and very comfortable seating for the audience. Not only were the venues carefully chosen, but Gabby went out of her way to thank us individually for coming and to take the time to say how happy she was we were there. She ran things smoothly and most impressively on time! It was a pleasure to attend your event Gabriela and I hope to attend more in the future!” – Tricia, Garland,TX

“I want to thank you for doing the hard work so we can all enjoy your classes. You are an amazing teacher and not to mention wonderful friend and woman.” - Baya

“You are an amazing performer, show host and person! Thank you for throwing amazing events in Texas” – Kerri Hernandez, San Antonio, TX

“Gabriela, Thank you so much for putting all the workshops for bellydance. I am looking forward for the next time.” – Tati S

“Thank you Gabriela for bringing Sadie. I learned so much her graciousness and talent. I am her eternal student and happy that YOU!!! Gabriela made this all possible!” - Bpeace

“Gaby, you’ve done it again….. bringing us a great workshops and a fabulous gala show!!!
Thank you with love and appreciation for all you do.”- Amira Tanya & Amira Oasis Troupe, Bellydance Oasis Studio

“Thank you for the energy and love you put into this events. It is uplifting for the belly dancing community.” Love & Light! Luna

“Gaby, you are sweet and amazing in all you do for your students and for Houston, TX! “
Love you – Lebanese Simon

“Gabriela, Thank you so much for everything you and your family do for our bellydance community. I truly appreciate your love for dance and for the family.” - Lisa La Mar From Austin, TX

Belly dancing San Antonio 2“Gabriela, This past weekend was so much fun! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It was a lovely weekend being with everyone. thank you for making all of this possible.” Pat Davis

“Gabriela, Muchisimas gracias por todo lo que haces por la comunidad del belly dance. Eres grandiosa!”- Lupita

“Gabby, Thanks for all your hardwork and bringing us fabulous belly dance instructors. I greatly appreciate all that you do for us. Thank you.” – Kitty

“Gabriela: Thank you Thank you Thank you! You sponsored a wonderful belly dancer and a fabulous show. What a great birthday gift I got! I learned so much over the weekend and it is always such a positive experience to watch fellow belly dancers share their passion.” – Edie Garcia, Houston, TX

With hundreds of dancers there and so little time to sneak around collecting these thoughts on index cards I Belly dancing San Antoniowas only able to reach out to a few of them, but I know that everyone feels this way about you. Gabby you are precious to each and every one of us. You have a heart of gold and we wanted you to know that we love you so very much!! I also want to thank Ron for always providing us dancers with great captures of our dance!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you!!! - America Tru, San Antonio, TX


For more information about Gabriela please visit:

Photography credit to the amazing Ron Mailloux:

Side Note: A big thank you to the dancers who participated & sorry if I couldn’t read some of the handwritings so I may have misspelled some of your names due to signatures. Feel free to message me and I will correct them.

I didn’t think this would happen to me!

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America Tru Is A Bellydancer, Fire Dancer & A Belly Dance San Antonio Blogger
For more information or to submit a blog idea please by clicking here!


I hopped and squealed as I picked up my box of a brand new to me costume. I ran up the stairs to my dungeon like a hungry dog protecting my food. I then proceeded to wrestle the tape off the box with my bare hands and my teeth all while glancing at the sharp scissors that stare at me from across the room.

The costume I so much desired was here and I couldn’t wait to feast my new perfect lasik vision on it. As I opened the box and un wrapped my new cossie an unexpected odor immediately slapped me in the face! It smelled like a group of sweaty women in their menstrual cycle trapped in a room with no air circulation.

“I was in shock I didn’t think this would happen to me!”

Belly dance San Antonio

I am sure that every dancer has had their fair share of good and bad costume buying experiences. If you are anything like me, when I purchase, or trade a costume I am like a little child awaiting Christmas morning except my version of Santa is the sexy UPS guy. However that experience can immediately become rather unpleasant when you open your box to find a disappointing costume that wasn’t properly prepared for sale or a costume that looks nothing like the descriptive details.

Yes ladies, I am totally going there…..

The Overpriced, The Ugly And The Stinky Costumes.

So, what is the proper etiquette for selling a costume?

The number one rule to me is preparing the costume for sale. This means if the costume has been used a fair amount of times it should be properly cleaned prior to shipment. I understand that many of us have costumes that have never been worn or only worn once for a shoot and this may or may not be an exception to the rule but the best way to know is to take a whiff and don’t be afraid to ask a good friend to take a sniff as well because while you may be used to your scent others can certainly detect it. In some cases the buyer is so eager to receive the costume that there is no time to wash, the best thing to do in this situation is just disclose that it has not been washed.

Photos! For the love of whatever you believe in please include plenty of photos. I see so many blurry photos or just one photo and that just screams lazy to me. If you REALLY want to sell a costume take your time to include close ups, professional photos and if you have any and video include it. I try to put myself in the buyers shoes. What do I want to see if I were the buyer spending hundreds of dollars? Photos should include, the back of the costume, the front of the costume, close ups, the flaws you speak of, any wear and tear, the skirt, and again a video is a big bonus if you have one. This will help your sales and the expectations of your buyer.

Speaking of laziness. Ladies please grab a measuring tape and take 5 minutes of your time to measure the costume. “It’s closer to a B with padding or it could be a small D doesn’t always cut it.” If you do not know how to measure costumes here is a video Jennifer has on how to measure the bra cup. Click this LINK

Keep Your Word: Please include ALL of the items that were advertised. If you said you were including accessories please send the accessories. If you said you would mail the costume on so and so date please try your very best to mail it on time or inform the dancer awaiting if you couldn’t make it out to the post office that day. This is extremely important because many of us already have a date set to use the new costume for a show or a gig.

Pricing! Pricing should be based on the quality of the costume, you can not always get the same price that you originally payed. I have also witness a few costumes floating around that have gained stains, wear and tear and have magically went up on pricing rather than down. After thinking about how this happened it dawned on me that 1. Either the seller is greedy or 2. It was a trade and the amount of the costume was not disclosed hence the wrong pricing. *In addition some do go up because work has been added, rhinestones etc. However that is not always the case.

All of this comes down to communication. Just remember that there is no harm in asking questions to find out more about your possible investment. I hope this blog helps you in your current or future costume search. Feel free to comment below if you wish to add anything else I may have missed.

Why Do You Bellydance?

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America Tru Blogs

“Why Do You Bellydance?”

Part 2

After part one of “Why do you bellydance?” I learned so much from so many dancers. We all share the same love for this dance but the journey that lead us to it was different. Many of the stories these dancers have shared are so inspiring, and should probably be written in a book! For blogging purposes they had to be summarized but I want to thank you for opening your hearts and sharing them on this blog.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


When I dance I feel most connected to Egypt the magical place I grew up in. I want my audience to fall in love with bellydance as much as I have because dancing makes me feel alive and at peace. Belly dancing is my kind of normal despite my disabilities. But mostly, I dance to remind people that no matter how difficult life can be, there will always be light in the world thanks to art and music. – Arielle Florida From Orlando Florida Tru

I was introduced to bellydance at the age of 11 at my mom’s annual dance recital. I was dressed up as Jasmine and I was really enjoying my first belly rolls and hip sways. A little over decade later bellydance found me again on the other side of the world and since then we are inseparable. Bellydance is my world, my every breath. It has enriched my life in every aspect. With bellydance I feel balanced, peaceful yet strong and powerful – Yana Maxwell, Bellydancer Of The World

“Dancing has opened two doors for me, the joy of performing and new understanding of the term hardwork and dedication. Dancing has made me realize what love is, not the love you feel toward another but the kind of love you cannot live your life without. It is a wonder which brings me joy and happiness. Through dance people are brought together to share their love and passion. Dancing has opened my mind to the world and to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness in others.” - Milena Zepeda From San Antonio, TX

I belly dance because it is not a choice. I don’t decide when or if to dance, I feel like I was born to be a part of music and if I do not express these feelings my body feels incomplete. - Magnolia  From Houston,TX

My mother introduced me to my first bellydance class at the age of 11 years old. Bellydance is so rewarding and has become a big part of my life, bringing joy to myself and those around me. With my passion for dance I have achieved my dream of opening my own studio to share my knowledge with others and even created Rio Raks were I feature some of the world’s top and most respected dancers. My heart is expressed freely through middle eastern music. – Sasha Bellydance From Texas

As a belly dancer in NJ, I find it can be both challenging and fulfilling. Being an entertainer allows me to express myself artistically to create a memorable experience for my audience. As a teacher it’s rewarding to see students gain a new found confidence. These are just a few of many reasons why I love belly dancing. - Sanoorah From New Jersey

“Cuando bailo bellydance una parte de mi espíritu esta conectada a este mundo, me siento libre cuando bailo este estilo.”- Karlos Khalil,  Bellydancer Of The Universe

I discovered belly dance in 2005. It wasn’t my first performing arts experience, as I had been doing jazz, gymnastics, and acting for years prior–however something about it made such an incredible impact on teenage me! Since that moment, belly dance has grown to become my biggest passion. It brings me more joy, fills me with more emotion, and challenges me more than any other performance art I am a part of. – Erin Grundel From Atlanta

I have been dancing many styles of dance since the age of eight, my dream was always to become a dancer. Soon after building my little family I decided to join bellydance classes and chase my dream of becoming a dancer. Bellydance is my joy, when I dance for the audience is from the bottom of my heart, I am happy to be able to share my passion with others. - Lady Paulina From Las Vegas, Nevada

America Tru

I hope you have enjoyed reading these responses as much as I have, many of these even had me teary eyed.  Here is my share on Why Do I Bellydance?

I have created a strong bond with bellydance, so much that I have found a better me through my dance journey. It’s brought me tears of joy, and I have found peace with myself. I have made friends from all over the world, & somedays I only wish it would have found me sooner - America Tru From San Antonio, TX

America Tru’s Frugal Favorites

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America Tru’s Frugal Favorites

The holiday shopping season is here, and I want to share with you my frugal favorites! These items are great for performances, everyday wear and easy on your wallet.

America Tru

Glitter: Belly dancers love glitter! I get my shine on from Claire’s. During halloween season they have a great spray on glitter. You can always find these at the halloween store as well, however when the sprays are not available I use Claire’s shimmer body glitter. They come in two sizes and they normally have a special of buy one get one half off. $5.00 for the bigger container and $3.00 for the small travel container. Comes in two colors.

Application Tip: Hairspray, throw on the glitter evenly on your body part of choice and spray away.

Product Link:

America Tru
Curler & Mascara: I have long stubborn droopy lashes. After years of trying out so many pricey products, I found the perfect curler and mascara. For curler I use, Tweezerman Ltd Deluxe Eyelash Curler I paid  $12 at Target.

The curl on my lashes last all day, and to enhance that I use L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza mascara. This mascara is only $7! I have tried countless mascaras and this one works for me. In addition, I use Younique for all my performances, yes ladies the fuzz about this mascara is true, it doubles your lashes and makes them long and pretty. It is about $30 and worth every penny.

Product Link:

All in one case: Price doesn’t always equal quality and when it comes to elf this is just the case. This 50 piece Makeup Artist Palette is one that I treasure. Everything I need for day and evening is right in this palette. It’s versatile for many skin tones. Price $15!!!!!!! It’s a steal

Product Link:

Red Lipstick: ELF is one of the best bargains a girl can have. It’s good quality and available at Target and online.  When wearing “Rich Red” I always get compliments on it.$3!!!

Eyebrows: Bh cosmetics “Flawless Brow Trio” Only $3.50 right now with their 50% off discount! Need I say more?


Foundation/Concealer: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo foundation is not inexpensive but it is a very good foundation to cover any scars, unwanted blemishes, or tattoos. Pricey but worth it. $38 and found at your nearest Sephora.

I hope you had fun exploring new make up goodies on a budget. These will make great gifts for any girly girl. Happy holiday shopping.

About the blogger: America Tru provides San Antonio entertainment (Fire Dancing & Bellydancing) for birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events & more. To book her for your entertainment please use this link to contact her for a free quote.

A Lifetime Of Gratitude By America Tru

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With the year coming to an end and my birthday around the corner,
I have so many blessings to count and count I shall. Because I have so many I have decided to break this blog into parts. With that said, in no particular order here is my list of blessings.

Part One: Family & Memories

  1. My health. Although I said there is no particular order I believe the gift of health is the most important. I am healthy from head to toe and for this I am immensely grateful.
  2. My sons health. Like any parent when you are pregnant you can only wish for a healthy baby. I am thankful for every healthy day of his being.
  3. My parents. My mami and papi are alive and only a phone call away. I couldn’t ask for more.
  4. My Tia Lupe. This woman is honest, loyal, kind, and above all a loving mother, grandmother and Tia. I love her so much.America Tru
  5. My mothers cooking! Waking up to the smell of fresh tortillas as a child was magical.
  6. Speaking of food. We always had food on the table. Not just any food, home cooked delicious food.
  7. Spending time with my father at the Telemundo station. My father always worked so hard, taking me to work with him showed me many skills and trades I use now as an adult.
  8. The monopoly board game my Tia Lupe gave me for Christmas. Every year she would give me and my sister a board game. Playing this game was hours of bonding and fun. Now as an adult I have my pantry full of board games and often my son and I play them together, from checkers to loteria.
  9. Patience, although I am still trying to master the “Art” of patience, I am so thankful that my parents had so much patience with me.
  10. The incredible bond I have with my sister Marcela, she is supportive, caring, rational, patient, loving, and together we are the perfect balance. I am filled with gratitude to have such an amazing best friend.
  11. I am thankful that technology such as internet and mobile phones were not a common trend when I was growing up. The memories from riding a box down the street on a skateboard is priceless.
  12. Driving to California to see my grandmother. My father would put on this boring classical music we would hate. Now as an adult I play this in my car and as I am typing this blog. It took me a while to understand beauty.
  13. Mr.Fraga our music teacher! He elected me to be part of the choir and this lead to the fondest memory of my childhood. Singing the national anthem with my sister over the intercom and having the entire school come out to applaud us. (Others would sing it and nothing similar ever happened. So we were special) Mr.Fraga also showed me the Thanksgiving song I sing for Kt every year.
  14. Our neighbor Doña Paulita and Scooter the dog. She was a sweet lady, everything a neighbor should be.
  15. The beauty of simplicity. As you can see many of these things are simpler than others but it has had a big impact in my daily life as an adult.


I hope you have enjoyed this personal blog, and maybe it has brought up some fun childhood memories of you own!

 About the blogger: America Tru provides San Antonio entertainment (Fire Dancing & Bellydancing) for birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events & more. To book her for your entertainment please use this link to contact her for a free quote.