San Antonio Bellydancer

Class Policies

Class policies for all students. This assures a great experience for every student taking belly dance classes in San Antonio with America Tru.Belly dance San Antonio


Monthly Classes - The special price offered for the monthly pass is for that month only. To receive the monthly price you must pay at the beginning of the month. Anyone coming in at the second week of class must pay as a drop in student.  Missed class or classes are considered forfeited. No refunds or make up classes on unused monthly passes.


Special Offers - If you received a special offer, whether Groupon or a Facebook special, please take advantage of it at the time it is offered. Special offers are not to be combined, traded, rain checked or used for any other class than the one specified.


Exclusive Classes - All classes must be pre- paid. These classes are catered to your schedule as I tailor my time around yours. A 24 hour cancellation notice is acceptable and I will be more than happy to re – schedule your class with notice. Last minute cancellations and students that go A-wall will still be charged for that class.

Cellphones can be disruptive. Please silence your phones in class.

Always arrive promptly to class. Class begins and ends at the time scheduled, not at the time you arrive.

We do have Hafla’s and Open House’s where you get to show off what you have learned. Loved ones are more than welcomed to attend.

No camera’s, video, & please do not bring your own audience to class as this can be distracting to others. Surprise them with your belly dancing at hafla or open house shows.

Belly dance San Antonio

We love children but please make prior arrangements so you and others can remain focused in class.

Wear comfortable attire: fitted shirt and yoga pants are recommended. Please no skirts as we do stretch before and after class.

Don’t be shy, ask questions. If you do not understand something please do not hesitate to ask, this is your education and I want to do  my best in helping you learn

Practice makes Perfect. No one has ever walked into a class and mastered it in one hour. In addition everyone will look different while doing the same movement. So don’t be harsh on yourself, it all takes time and practice.

Possibly the most important rule is to have fun!