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 Eat, Pray, Belly dance San Antonio!

As many of you know I had taken a long leave from my personal Facebook page. I have left my fan page up for those who are interested in supporting my dance career. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the folks that have been nice enough to respect my wishes and giving me the space I have much needed. The big question is why?

Just like anyone else I have a life full of responsibilities and my personal facebook was filled with distractions. Although I want to be friends with everyone it doesn’t necessarily mean I have the time to hang out or play pen pals online. I have learned to prioritize my time as I go through this journey of self growth.

Think of it as an eat, pray, love & belly dance thing.

This journey has been physically and personally challenging… however I am more than happy to share with you that while I have been away I have reached out to do things I love and enjoy. I find myself in pure happiness. I have used my energy on my family and my career. I have learned to say no instead of not right now. I have learned to say I am not available instead of I can’t.

I have put so many things into perspective and I know what I want and the only way to reach that is to be completely honest with myself and those around me. One of the things that I have realized is that my social butterfly days are just a thing of the past. I have met so many wonderful people, some whom I still remain friends with and hold dear to my heart. What I am trying to say is that love, happiness and friendship is more than a house party… it is more than a chat at the bar… or a casual conversation over a margarita.

I have found a deeper love within myself, my family and my career. My goal is to continue growing as a person and perhaps inspire someone out there to do the same and with this said I have to share a dream that is now a reality. I have been selected to teach three workshops this year around the US. Dreams do come true. Follow yours. - America Tru

“ Thoughts become things.” – Mike Dooley