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America Tru not only provides bellydance entertainment in San antonio but fire dance entertainment as well. Although America Tru is an insured fire dancer please keep in mind that before booking America for a fire dance show it is your responsibility to read the contract and this page for more information. If you have any question please contact America Tru.

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IMPORTANT things to know before booking your show.

*Please allow 15-20min breaks in between sets. Example  Angel Vs Demon package is 2 sets which means: in between sets the dancer will be taking a small break and  prepping the props for the next set. Because of this dancer may be there for a little over an hour.

*Photos with the dancer are welcome but for safety reasons, please wait until after the final set to take photos with the dancer. 

*All packages include a fire safety assistant. Assistant is necessary and included in the price.

*Dancer will NOT under any circumstance dance or dry grass or wood.

*For your ultimate safety please keep a fair amount of distance when dancer is performing.

*Please do not play or ask to play with the dancers dangerous fire props.



Entertainment in San Antonio

Fire Dance Packages


Entertainment in San Antonio

A Taste Of Fire: A fun way to break the ice and get everyone excited and energized. This show includes fun modern Belly dancing to get the crowd’s attention, the show is followed by a taste of fire with a candle tray dance. This shows earns its cherry on top with a fire eating! That’s right fire eating
  $275 (One Set)
Fire Starter: A crowd pleaser!!! This show is full of energy and brings the best of modern dance and fire dancing together. The attention grabbing performance will leave your guests enthralled. In this show advanced fire props are used and space is needed.
 $350 (One Set With Advanced Props)
Angel Vs Demon: This is my most popular package! This power driven fire show WILL give you and your guests the EXTREME fire dancing experience. The show is packed with advanced fire props and completed with modern dancing. This monster fire show is for the serious host who wants to entertain their guests. As an added bonus, dancer will meet and greet the guests after the show for some photo fun.
 $450 (Two Sets)
Entertainment in San Antonio