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 Don’t you hate when you order something from a menu and it looks nothing like the picture? When searching for birthday party ideas San Antonio wants what they ordered!  The only thing we can’t stop in life is time, and with time comes changes…. we grow, we also age and our weight fluctuates. This is very normal for everyone which is why I take pride in keeping all my photographs up to date to assure an accurate description

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Birthday Party Ideas San Antonio In this section I also want to take the time to recognize the photographers that have taken the photos. If it wasn’t for them the moment would not be captured.  One of my favorite photographers is Michael Rivera you will find his work on this page and through out my website including many of the background images, one of my fav is the photo with the red wings. Michael and I have worked together many times and he always seems to amaze me.  Another fun shoot I did was with Daniela from Zaa Zaa Productions. If you are a San Antonio resident you may recognize the background on these photos that were taken at the Japanese Tea Garden. That shoot was tricky since there were so many people taking their own photos but Daniela managed to get all the right shots! You will find photos throughout the website by photographers such as Semon Tam, Bloojay Design, Sarah Brooke Lyons, Ron Mallioux, Gabe Quintanilla, and Kimberly Scott. Thank you everyone for your support and it is a pleasure to work with each and everyone of you.

With this said the photo fun doesn’t stop in the gallery, I have photographs throughout my website and even in my blogs.  Have fun browsing and please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions,  contact me.