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How to get cheap flights!

Welcome to my travel blog. My name is America Tru, I am a professional belly dancer in San Antonio and a solo traveler who hunts real life experiences. My extensive travels have helped me grow as a human and a dancer so with you I share my travel tips, stories and life hacks.

One of the most asked questions I get about traveling is… “How do I find cheap tickets?” It is no surprise this is the most asked question as it is one of the biggest expense while traveling. Today I will show you how I find cheap tickets and what works for me.

Belly dance san antonio“Patience, Real Expectations, Flexibility”

Patience is a virtue. I learned these tricks over the years by trial and error. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t find something right away. Now before you begin your search make sure you have enough time to sit down away from distractions with pen and paper in hand to jot down your search and compare your findings.

First off I want to start by giving you quick tips you can try on your own to find a method that works for you and then I will walk you through how I book my tickets.


  1. Buy and fly on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s.
  2. Avoid high season, you will NOT find a cheap ticket on high season.
  3. Check pricing directly through the airline website. Ya never know.
  4. Check surrounding airports. Bigger airports are sometimes cheaper.
  5. Sign up for airfare alerts.
  6. Sign up for newsletters they keep you posted on one day sales.
  7. Play with one way tickets. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy one way separately.
  8. Browse incognito
  9. Delete your cookies/cache
  10. Watch out for budget airlines like Frontier & Spirit. They are notorious for baggage fees.

“The most important rule is flexibility. To score cheap tickets you have to flexible on the airport, the dates, the amount of days and the destination.”

The first thing I do is delete all my cookies and open up a private browsing window. An explanation on this here. I then head to Kayak Explore and Skyscanner. These two websites in my opinion are the best for searching worldwide tickets.

Lets say I want to travel in Aug. On Kayak I type in SAT as my home airport, I select Aug. as my travel month and I usually leave it at “Any Duration”.  If you select a specific amount of dates you are limiting your options, this is why flexibility is necessary. After you enter this it will pull up the map with pricing. I like to use this feature to give me an idea to which part of the world I can afford to go to.

Next I get on SkyScanner. I do the same: SAT as home airport. On destination: I select “Everywhere” and on the departure I select the whole month of Aug. (I also open up another tab with Skyscanner and do the same but on the departure I select “Cheapest Month” as this gives me way more options) Skyscanner then gives you options by country from cheapest to most expensive. Once you select your place of destination, Skyscanner has a sweet calendar that will give you the pricing throughout the whole month so you can compare and book whatever works for you.

If you have plenty of flexibility you can get even cheaper flights. This will cost you a little more effort and time to find it but if you are dedicated you will score a nice big discount.

Using tip #4…Some airports have better deals than others. Example… I was looking for flights to Europe from TX and currently they are all well over $950+  So instead I tried flying out of MIA and what I found was magical. The cost to Brussels from MIA was $335. YES!!! Jackpot. I head to Skyscanner and find the cheapest oneway flight (UsingTip 7) from SAT to MIA I found a ticket for $67 one way. That is under $150! Making the total 485$

So there you have it folks… these tricks have allowed me to explore the world on a budget. I hope that you are able to use some of these tips and tricks on your next booking. Thanks for reading!