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My Journey To Thailand

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Welcome to my travel blog. My name is America Tru I am a professional belly dancer in San Antonio and I am Truly curious to explore the world. This lands me in the most crazy of the craziest situations time and time again. I am a solo traveler who hunts experiences. My travels have helped me grow as a human and a dancer.  In this blog I will give you the short version of how I got to Thailand.

This journey has been anything but boring and with that said let me begin to tell you about how adventurous it was to get here….

Day 1

Travel Blog

I left SA right after my doctors visit. Here is my tired look from the airport.

I had this idea of taking off to the other side of the world for a month so I booked a plane ride to Thailand. I also booked a return flight from Ireland. I had arranged to arrive on the first of July as I had signed up for some volunteer work and they needed to follow an itinerary. My flight was an hour from SA to Dallas and sixteen hours from Dallas to Narita. The first nightmare occurred when the plane in Dallas was delayed for a few hours, the problem with this is that we were already boarded on the plane, everyones carry on and checked in bags are on board so they were not going to let us get off the plane. This gets easily frustrating because the aircraft gets hot, kids get fuzzy (with good reason), and even worse adults get very irritated and begin to get loud and no one likes a mad person. In addition this causes a domino effect on those who have connecting flights. The reason for the delay was because the door to the flight attendants sleep cabin was not functioning and they couldn’t open it. This caused people to be very upset.

We finally took off and 19 to 20 hours later we arrived to Narita, Japan. Some of us had literally a few minutes to run to our gate and make our flight but it turns out the airlines took the liberty of canceling our seats and had everyone was directed to the long line at the ticket counter to get another flight. The options were limited.

Option 1 : Take a shuttle to the other airport which is 90 minutes away and leave a little over midnight.
Option 2 : Stay at the hotel airport which is a 10 minute shuttle away and rest for the evening.

The second option sounded more appealing to me as my body won’t allow any more traveling that evening.

Day 2

Travel Blog

This photo was taken in Narita, Japan. The luggage has a story of it’s own, I accidentally ordered this pink luggage. It has been the topic of conversations.

In order to make this blog shorter I will spare you the nightmare of the airport hotel I stayed at in Nartia. I was back on board on the plane and arrived safely to Bangkok after a 6 hour flight. At this point everything is kind of blurry as I am writing this on day 10! I remember arriving at Bangkok & having to get some cash from the ATM because I needed to take a taxi. I originally had a transfer ready but due to the flight delay I had to pull money out of my own pocket.

I arrived and the cab driver knew no English and I knew no Thai much less how much money I had pulled out of the ATM because there was no time to figure out how many Bhats to a dollar. That is how much of a rush I was in… so I give her whatever and head over to my room. I wasn’t even worried about it at this point, I was just tired or traveling two days to get to my destination. (Now I realize that she was trying to give me money back because I gave her too much, she kept it because I insisted and basically rushed out, she is the exception to all the cab drivers that try to stiff you in Bangkok)

Travel Blog

This is the first thing I saw in Bangkok.

When I got off the taxi I took a second to look around and figure out where my hotel was, I saw a less than appealing area and I wasn’t impressed. That was my first impression of Bangkok. I saw that my hotel was tucked behind shops.. actually the hotel was the shops and a hotel combined. I immediately thought… omg I think I am in a hostel. Nothing wrong with a hostel I just wasn’t expecting it. (SURPRISE!) So you can imagine my face at this point. I go up to the front desk and I was told my roomie was upstairs.

I was greeted by my roomie who kindly showed me around a bit and since I missed the meeting the day before thanks to American Airlines she briefed me shortly. When we got back about an hour later my cousin was waiting for me in the lobby. (SURPRISE!) I didn’t know he was coming right away so I was very surprised. The group had organized a dinner which I passed on so I can spend time with my family. Our guide was downstairs and I didn’t know who to greet first my guide or my cousin…. I greeted my cousin naturally with a big hug and he was ready to go take me to explore. I had a brief second to say hello to my guide and no time to explain that I have not seen my cousin in 5+ years since he moved across the world. I felt bad but family always comes first to me so I figured I can explain later.

My cousin took me to eat some street food and then we got a massage and I was tired so I went back to the hotel. At this point I haven’t had much sleep and we had a briefing the next morning as we were scheduled to head to Surin. Keep in mind my schedule this year has been very busy so I have hardly been home so I had not read the package of what exactly I signed up for. I just knew I was going to care for elephants. I kinda skimmed through the package.

?Day 3

They told us we were leaving via bus. (SURPRISE!) I knew nothing about this but I was too tired to ask questions.  Shortly after we walked towards the bus.

Travel Blog

One of our stops had a huge swing. I had to take a photo.

The bus wasn’t so far but it was very odd that I am pushing my pink luggage in the middle of the street of back backer central. I have a shoulder injury so I can’t carry heavy things so I always do suitcases. I am a pusher.. I push my luggage, its the only way I can travel. We left about 10:15 am and we were a bit behind but I was very pleased to see the bus. It was big & I can tell it had ac from looking at it. I still hardly knew any of the ladies so I would take this opportunity to meet them.

The 6 to 8 hour bus ride to Surin was smooth and we had several pit stops. We arrived at the next hotel and my roomie and I headed upstairs to freshen up and get ready for dinner & a briefing. Here we go again.. I had no idea we had NOT arrived to our destination. (SURPRISE) I thought this was it, I was concerned because on the bus ride something happened. My stomach was not feeling so good. I had only had two small meals and they were delicious.

Dinner was served and it was green curry and who knows what else. I didn’t have the stomach for it so I ate the white rice. The smell alone made me very ill and after our guide mentioned we were to leave tomorrow morning and head to our final destination I went upstairs to throw up. I was confused about what was happening all I heard was something about leaving in a truck. (SURPRISE!) I spent the night tossing and turning and using the bathroom. I was sick very sick.


I went downstairs and ate my cold breakfast. We had another briefing and I actually had to leave midway because my stomach was so weak. At the same time I was trying to arrange some things at home which I needed wifi for and the wifi was just as weak as my stomach. Jay our guide kindly offered to share his wifi so I can make my arrangements once we arrive to our final destination.

The truck arrived and we hopped on.Travel Blog

On the ride over we had several stops, which I was truly grateful for as I was constantly gagging and feeling ill. On our way we spotted our first elephant. It was my first A-HA moment since I had arrived. I couldn’t wait to get to our destination. I knew we were gonna rough it but I had no idea of what was to come.Travel Blog

We arrived at the house and we were given the scoop. There was no AC but we did have fans. We were to cook our own breakfast, (SURPRISE!) wash our own plates, (SURPRISE!) the showers were bucket showers, (SURPRISE!) and the restrooms didn’t flush themselves (SURPRISE). Then we were free to choose our rooms. I thought the less roomies the better since I am not feeling the best I don’t want to bug anyone in the middle of the night. I walked into a room and I was again SURPRISED at what I saw… there were no beds. There were some mats on the floor and a mosquito net hanging on the wall.

I knew I was going to be out of my comfort zone but what I didn’t know is that I was still going to be in recovery (Personal Health Subject That I don’t Care To Discuss) my doctor had told me I would be fine by the time my trip came along and I wasn’t fine.

My back was in pain and my body was rejecting all the food.

I knew it was mind over matter. I have to select my thoughts just as careful as I have to select my meals. Thankfully I have a lot of patience. I believe there are no mistakes and everything happens for a reason and so the adventure continues….