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America Tru talks AirBnb….


This month has been quite the busy one, my latest travel was to Fife, Seattle, Portland, and Beaverton.

I want to talk you guys about my airbnb in Beaverton, Oregon. I had finished a weekend of competitions in Fife, a Saturday night belly dancing in Seattle and my next destination was Portland. I had not reserved a hotel because I figured I would get it last minute. Sometimes it’s cheaper that way.. sometimes

I researched the hotels and they were all 300+/night. I logged into my account to get my discount and even then the hotels were expensive. There were other choices on the outskirts of Portland but even the most budget friendly motels were 150+. Insane! I was not willing to pay that much money for a motel.

I wanted something nice with privacy so that weeded out other options. I searched on AirBnb for private home rentals. I stumbled across a tiny house in Beaverton only 15 minutes from downtown and the price fit my budget. This house rental was only $70/night.
The booking process was very easy. I sent a message to the owner and told her when I wanted to check in and for how long. She responded that the house will be ready for check in within the hour. I payed via the website through paypal and within minutes I had an email confirmation with the house code and directions to the home.san-antonio-entertainment-

Upon arrival, I was happy to see that I had my own parking space. I did not have to pay any parking fees or valet prices. I was able to park right in front of the house. Another convenient thing is that I did not have to stand in line to check in! In addition, Im notorious at loosing my hotel keys, this was not an issue because all I needed was to punch in a code and the door opened.san-antonio-entertaiment-1

The house itself was located in a safe neighborhood. It was cute, tiny and welcoming. It had a living area with tv, a bed, washer & dryer, full size kitchen, and restroom. I also appreciated the extras that the host provided me with… there was coffee, low calorie breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. This saved me a breakfast run and some money. Of course there was also wifi. I have recently been thinking about minimizing and my stay at this house only confirmed my idea but that is a whole other blog! lol

In conclusion the checkout was very simple, I just texted the host and told her I was leaving and locked the door behind me. That’s it! Easy peasy!

san antonio entertainmentI highly recommend checking out your options on Airbnb for your next stay or even to sign up to be a host! Save money or make money. Feel free to use my Airbnb  link below to save 35$ on your next booking

Until next time,

America Tru

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